Formation et technologie de moulage par injection


RJG offre des outils complets et la formation d’injection plastique permettant aux mouleurs de mettre en œuvre des techniques de moulage scientifique qui améliorent ainsi leur qualité de moulage, leur productivité et leur rentabilité.

RJG est célèbre pour ses techniques et matériels avancés en injection plastique : le Moulage scientifique et/ou le Moulage découplé, le Système eDART, le Maître mouleur et les programmes de certification d'ateliers d'essai aident à éliminer les injections courtes et plus encore.

Que vous soyez un producteur de pièces en plastique, un technicien de moulage par injection, un mouleur, un concepteur de pièces, un ingénieur qualité ou un responsable de qualité, RJG possède les outils d’injection plastique pour vous aider à réussir.


La formation de moulage scientifique / systématique standard dans l'industrie.

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Les systèmes de contrôle de processus et les capteurs intra-empreinte assurent les meilleurs processus et pièces.

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RJG, Inc. Officially an Authorized Training Center for Autodesk®

mercredi, décembre 5

As of November of 2018, RJG is officially an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk. The ATC status will allow us to share our injection molding training background and experience with the Autodesk community across the world.

As an ATC, we are now...

How Second Stage Speed Influences Your Process

jeudi, août 23

“At the end of the day, we are trying to produce the most repeatable parts in the fastest, most repeatable time, and the second stage speed setting is an often-overlooked influence on the process. Knowing how your machines respond to this input is one more...

RJG Technologies awarded UK – Niche Training Consultancy of the Year

jeudi, août 16

Andy Nicholls, Training Manager at RJG said, “This award is recognition of the way my team engages the trainees in the many training courses RJG offers to increase their skill levels. When it is voted on by the industry, it is a reflection on the...

How to Become a Plastics Guru: What You Need to Know (Part 3 of 3)

lundi, juillet 23

Over the lastthree segments, we havereviewed several of the often overlooked technical arenas that are vital to understand in order to become a plastics guru. In segment one, we reviewed mechanical and electrical knowledge, insegment two, we reviewed fluid...

How to Become a Plastics Guru: What You Need to Know (Part 1 of 3)

vendredi, juin 15

There are those who are good at what they do, and then there are those who are the absolute best. The gurus. Learnhow you can become the best of the best.

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Medical OEM Consortium Shares Methodology to Validate a Part Once with the Flexibility to Move it from Machine to Machine, Enabling OEMs and Their Injection Molding Partners the Opportunity to Save Millions Annually

jeudi, avril 5

In May of 2016, the Medical OEM Consortium (MOEMC) formed. A group of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) set out to discover a more efficient part validation process for injection molding. They executed and formally documented their results. By...

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